Location School Job type Sport Administration

Vacancy (SGB Post)

School Director Of Sports (Sport Coordinator/Head of Sports)

Position Advertised Date:   19 March 2021
Application Closing Date:   31 March 2021

Primary objectives of the position

  • To increase the participation and performance levels of learners in sport.
  • To direct and manage the schools sport programme by effectively providing highly skilled leadership.

Hours of work:     Full Time
Remuneration:     Negotiable with School Governing Body
Responsible to:    Principle

Functional Relationships with:

  • Sport Curriculum Manager
  • Development Manager
  • HOD Health and physical education
  • School Governing Body
  • Sport Coaches
  • Community Sport Organisations and Regional Sport Trust
  • Parents and wider school community
  • Sponsors

The Sport Programme aims to include:

  • Learners Self-Development
  • Enhancing the profile of sport and physical recreation at the school, within the school and the community
  • Assisting the learners in gaining enjoyment from sport
  • Delivering sport safety to learners
  • Catering for the different needs of all learners


  • Administration
  • Communication
  • Human and physical resource management.
  • Professional support and training
  • Public Relations
  • Community involvement
  • Marketing and Promotion


This job is Expired